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Using a wide range of materials such as acrylic, aluminium, wood, brushed or mirror stainless steel, we can provide quality illuminated lettering using LED. We have produced stunning effects in fascia lettering for all competitive commercial, corporate and retail industries. Illuminating letters are mounted on spacers and raised off the surface to stand out. They can have the same colour returns (the sides) or they can be made with different colour returns. The faces are cut with a computerised router or waterjet machine and the sides are fabricated to perfection.


Individual profile letters can be manufactured from a wide variety of materials and in different thicknesses. The result is a three-dimensional sign with visual impact. We can match letters to any colour of your choice. We use waterjet cutters and computer-controlled routers to cut each letter to precision in acrylics, foamex, aluminium (vinyl faced or powder coated) or stainless steel (plain, brushed or polished mirror finish). These highly engineered manufacturing systems give you the opportunity to cost-effectively create a matching custom rendition of your logo or special graphics.


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