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Wall Mural/Wallpaper

Custom Wallpaper / Mural

When you create your own wallpaper with Bags of Love, the power really is in your hands. Our special image-printing wallpaper is a bright, matte material with exceptional print quality. The material has a soft nubuck feel and a super strong surface. We use only eco-friendly water-based inks and no dot-matrix patterns for continuous tone printing (3,000dpi equiv.). You can create a statement wall mural or multi-photo collage with our Photo or Montage Wallpaper, or repeat one photo across the entire wall with our Repeat Pattern Wallpaper. 


    Your custom printed wallpaper is a unique wall covering product, which is available in any size. Normal wallpaper paste, like Solvite Extra Strong or Murabond, works well on our standard paper.

    Step 1: Measure up 
    Use a tape measure to measure the width and height of your wall. If the area is over 1m wide or high, we recommend repeat measuring at 1m intervals (as your walls may not be totally straight). Take the largest width and height, then add 8cm. This gives you 4cm bleed/extra wallpaper to trim off after you have installed your wallpaper, ensuring your wall is totally covered. 

    Step 2: Choose the wallpaper dimensions
    Enter your dimensions into the width and height boxes. Then upload your image and position it until happy. If our 'low quality' warning appears, try scaling your image down, or adding a tile effect. 

    Please note: Our heat printing process can cause shrinkage. Please provide slightly larger dimensions than needed in order to allow for 2.5% shrinkage.

    Step 3: Choose your material
    We offer three types of wallpaper; self-adhesive and premium. Each of them offers different benefits, so choose the one that is most suited to your intended usage. 

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