Photographs are a great way of saving your precious moments to go back to them and feel the happiness of that time. Unfortunately though, sometimes the loved ones from those photographs aren’t close enough to be hugged and only the memory can help us. That’s why printing a picture on a physical object instead of just looking at them on the screen has always been such a cherished thing to have. Personalised pillow covers take it step further when you want your loved ones close. Having a pillow you will always be able to not only look at it, but also embrace and find comfort in will help you feel that particular moment. You can bring it from your memory to the reality of your couch or bed.

  • Cushion size: 40cm x 40cm
  • Keep your memories alive
  • Allow you to decorate your home with family and friends
  • Can contain any kind of photos from landscapes to family portraits
  • Are fully customised according to your preferences
  • Have a reasonable cost for the excitement they bring
  • Cushion cover comes supplied with a cushion filler

Printed Personalised Cushions